Saturday, December 08, 2012

In Hyderabad

I'm here for work (which by the way is killing me) but I did manage to tick off few 'Must Dos'. For example,

Char Minar - Built in the 16th century by Quli Qutb shah to memorialize the elimination of a plague epidemic from the city. It’s a simple structure in a very noisy, squalid neighborhood. Most perilous is the five minute climb up the very narrow, claustrophobic steps to the top. Although it’s a good view to the old city, I prayed all the way up.

Char Minar is a pretty spectacle at night according to pictures I have seen. But I hear it’s even more crowded. In fact, most of Hyderabad skyline is dotted with some very fine looking minarets.
Old city
The Laad market and pearl shops lie flanking the Minar. I just found out what Laad is – the lacquer that is used to make bangles, on which artificial diamonds are studded. I am no big fan of pearls, but was sorely tempted by the absolutely lustrous pink gray and white globules. Three strands of pink, white and gray pearls cost me INR 3000.
Pearl shopping
Lad Bazaar

And then some gastronomical delights. Karachi Bakery at Mozzamjahi Market makes some very yummy biscuits while Paradise like everyone around here insists is ‘World famous’.
 Biscuits at Karachi Bakery
I am now one of them :) The Hyderabadi biryani is, well something else. (Reminds me, I need to carry a few packets home this time. Everytime, its always, what!, no Biryani, again?!)

I am really beginning to love the Hindi spoken in these parts....

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