Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013 at Sri Lanka

We were in Sri Lanka just for four days and the agenda was well simple. Party, eat and shop. And we did all that. Put in some whale watching at Mirissa Bay which although we did spot a large blue whale and a school of dolphin babies, I thought was not much use of the 8000 SLR I paid, because I lay on the rocking ferry most of the time quite incapacitated and woke up only when people screamed that they had spotted something (sometimes it was just a bobbing ball or a small fishing boat) or when the boatman screamed that we needed to ‘baalaance’ the boat. And I held on to the rail and dear life and scrambled groggily to the other end.

Anyway, for most part we lazed in a nice cozy bungalow at Dalawella Beach, Unawatuna, with Chamida and his mother for company, both of them quite charming. While Chamida started the day with his beer and waxed eloquent about his ‘rastafari’ lifestyle (That’s a new word I learnt, which means hippie or has come to mean that, or so I gathered. Bob Marley seemed like its reigning deity), many, many European girlfriends with ‘free mind, free mind, not like Sri Lankan women’ his mother would give him disdainfully loving looks and entertained us with her half broken English stories and gesticulations. Our stay was comfortable and easy (USD 50 a room) and overlooked the sea. 
 The sea was like this close.

The currents were killer. While I daintily tried to resist getting into the water, the waves would totally come in and take us unprepared, drench us from top to toe and generally leave us feeling cheated and exhilarated at the same time.

Unawatuna we found better than Hikkaduwa, despite Mambo type shacks and a decent beach. Most of the clubs have a ‘Foreigners only’ policy which basically means white skinned, since our boys had some issues getting in. The music is mostly reggae and parties start post 11 PM. A better party scene we found at Unawatuna, with music throbbing all night, most nights.

But it was so so humid and rained every afternoon till about 8 PM, time we spent ordering food, gorging on prawns and fish, washing it down with Lions beer and Arak. Some desserts and ice cream thrown in for good measure. We really liked this Vegetarian place called South Ceylon (Unawatuna) and later Moon Light (Hikkaduwa), in fact many of them were Moon something or the other in Hikkaduwa. We spent several hours here.

This meal we had at Nuga Gama in Cinnamon Grand, Colombo was the absolute best. So yummy and so cheap. And the whole Sri Lankan village feel. Not to be missed.

Also, the pretty Galle district, a neat, anglicized region with a fort, lighthouse and some interesting shopping.

2013 came in grand – we partied all night at Wijaya Beach, Unawatuna.

And what pleasure to visit a country where your currency is more valuable. Shopping was so gratifying.


R Niranjan Das said...

Wondeful shots. You seem to have had a great lazy time!

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