Friday, March 08, 2013

Caving. Krem Mawmluh

Caving. Krem Mawmluh. One of the most exciting things ever.

With a total length of over 7 kms of cave passages, Krem Mawmluh is situated half a kilometer west of Cherrapunjee adjacent to the small hamlet of Mawmluh from which the cave takes its name. The cave’s 7 kms consists of fine river passages, calcite formations, waist deep pools, few meters of belly crawl and several arduous climbs.

We loved it.

Through dark, winding passages, roofs which threaten to fall on you, rocks that jut out of both corners stinging your body, swamps which suck in the foot, eerie, inky, black darkness all around. At one time, when our guides asked us to shut our eyes and be quiet and imagine we were lost in the cave, I realized this is what hell must be like. So dark! With water gurgling at a far corner, unidentifiable animal sounds, and a foggy chill in the air. And not one light, not one, visible. Just the conjoined breathing of tired and awed souls.

Before we went in, we had to change into caving gear - suit, helmet and headlamp. We were glad we had them on because the head hits the roof at so many places, without a helmet there would definitely be a lot of blood splatter. And there’s so much of wading through waist deep, cold water at so many dark corners that boots and overalls are mandatory. It is preferable to go in big groups else the experience may be extremely claustrophobic and fearful, since it is a reassuring feeling to see at least one pin prick of light in the resounding darkness. And a guide is essential if you are an amateur.

But, But. But. It is a must do. So cool.

And don't forget the stalactites and stalagmites


R Niranjan Das said...

Excellent post. Would love to visit this place.

mehuje said...

Hi Smita,
I am going there in this Puja and planning to do caving adventure. but no clue how to get a guide. would you please send me some contacts. my mail id or you can text me @8697020807