Monday, March 04, 2013


It took us five hours to get to Kaziranga from Guwahati. We stayed at the Wild Grass Lodge managed by Manju Baruah who apparently had a lot to do with developing the park. I am sure there are grander places to stay in Kaziranga but we loved the rooms, the ambiance and the sense of history that emanated.

While the early morning elephant safari was worthwhile, the jeep safari was largely non fruitful.

I saw my first rhino. And some others.

I wish I knew more about wildlife though. At one point during the jeep safari I was so bugged by the lack of any wildlife that when our guide showed us a lapwing, I waved my hand with nonchalance, “Just another mynah type bird”. Because in the amateurs’ head we just have few types don’t we, parrot type, kingfisher type, peacock type, etc etc. Dude where’s the tiger?

The rice beer tasted like nail polish remover. Yuck.

The chilli in this part of town is really, really spicy. The Ghost Pepper (Bhut Jolokia) is a chili pepper previously recognized by Guinness World Records as the hottest pepper in the world.  This is how it looks, INR 30 for 50 grams.

One thing you will notice in the rural belts is the sheer poverty, and lack of basic amenities like electricity and good roads. But schools are aplenty and so are smiling, playing children.

This is in the Barbil village which houses the Mishing tribe - the largest tribal group in the North East.

And some really yummy food cooked in Bamboo leaves and shoot. The fish pickle specially was out of the world.

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Nice post on your Kazaringa sojourn.