Monday, March 04, 2013


If you are remember Shillong as a pristine, picturesque little town you obviously visited a long time back. Today it is a cluttered, noisy and polluted city with plentiful traffic jams and clumsily growing habitats. Still parts of it offers good photo opportunities, especially in the narrow, crowded streets of Bara Bazar, locally know as Lew Duh, served mostly by women sporting bloody, kwai stained lips.

At Bara Bazar I had my first taste of the jadhou, which is like a buttery, sort of sticky yellow rice. The eateries are super busy with a buffet style feeding system.

And we stayed in some really nice places. 

But what was really interesting is the sport of Teer or lottery by archery that we watched. 

In many parts of Shillong, you will see boards with numbers. Like this. 

This is what it means.

The system of legalized lottery hinges on a game that involves a row of archers shooting at a circular target made of bamboo. The archers shoot a barrage of arrows into the target. After each round, the arrows are plucked out and counted. The last two digits of the total number of arrows on the target is the winning number. Bets are placed not only in Shillong but towns as far as Agartala and Darjeeling. More information here.

Watching this was definitely fun.

And lace seems to be a favorite of North adorns every door and window. From the poor to the rich.

As are the beautiful button roses and tiny tomatoes. Pretty.

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